Saki Hikari R Balance 15kg


Introducing the new Saki Hikari R Balance 15 kg. The R extract developed by Hikari contains the Hikari Germ which works to strengthen the immune system!

The new revolutionary food Saki Hikari R Balance contains the so-called R extract, useful bacteria from various fermented yeasts. The R-extract enhances the effect of the Hikari Germ probiotic bacteria in the intestines. This makes your fish better protected against pathogens.

Saki Hikari R Balance promotes overall health, recovery capacity and also slows down the ageing process.

Saki Hikari R Balance is not a medicine, but it strengthens disease resistance and provides a faster recovery.

When can you best use Saki Hikari R Balance ?

Use Saki Hikari R as maintenance feed, if the condition of the Koi is not stable, due to stress caused by transport or Koi show, for example. Use Saki Hikari R as maintenance feed before introducing new Koi to your pond. Use Saki Hikari R to improve the condition of the pond water in case of problems or illness of Koi. Use Saki Hikari R as a daily maintenance feed to improve the overall resistance. To prevent the benefits of the R extract from being reduced, we recommend that at least 50% of the given feed consists of Saki Hikari R (Mix it only with Saki Hikari feed).

Saki Hikari R Balance offers a unique fusion of Saki Hikari benefits and new technology discovered at the Hikari Aquatic Laboratory. Our R Extract provides koi keepers and breeders with another science-based option to keep their koi in top form.

For best results use Saki Hikari R when your water temperatures are consistently above 18°C (64°F). Remember the more active your koi are the more nutrition they require and lower water temperatures dictate less feeding. Nobody knows your koi better than you do, use the following as a guide and always avoid over-feeding. Never leave uneaten food in the pond after the feeding period.

Above 18°C ( 64°F) Feed Saki-Hikari® R 2 to 4 times daily based on koi activity.

Below 18°C ( 64°F) Carefully regulate the amount fed based on the activity level of your koi and your pond conditions. For colder weather feeding try Saki Hikari Multi Season, with digestive characteristics which make it a superior choice for water temperatures that are consistently too cold to feed any other Saki Hikari diet.