Saki Hikari Pure White 5kg


Saki Hikari Pure White Shiroji Maintenance Floating Pellet

Saki-Hikari Pure White with probiotics has been specially developed for the promotion of snow Shiroji. It contains only carefully selected ingredients and therefore lacked ingredients over time yellowing of the Shiroji cause.

Ground sesame seeds contains important antioxidants that help the shine of the skin.

  • Floating Medium Pellet - 5.0 - 5.5 mm for Koi longer than 20cm
  • Ideal in Water Temperature above 53.6 Fahrenheit / 12 degrees celsius
  • Digestible composition at lower temperatures making it ideal for the show season in winter

Saki Hikari Pure white contains an extract of Japanese Apricot, a Japanese health food, which naturally Apricot-Polyphenol and a high content of citric acid. These help to maintain an efficient metabolism.

The addition of Hikari-Germ, a viable probiotic that occurs in nature, promoted highly efficient absorption of nutrients and allows for more efficient feeding behaviour. Hikari-Germ will quickly colonise the intestines and supports the intestinal flora.