Exact Idip Custom Koi Kit


With guaranteed exact results in less time, our new smarter process will revolutionize water testing. The eXact iDip®photometer is manufactured using the highest quality standards and is capable of running over 40 water tests The new eXact iDip® app is the first product in the pool and water testing market to provide complete wireless connectivity between the iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch® and Android® with a photometric device. Data is seam-lessly transferred between the two devices when paired with the iDip® photometer using Bluetooth® wireless technology that syncs and transmits test results in real time. The application stores the test results history of multiple water sources. Data can be shared via email and the built-in GPS feature allows for easy retrieval of water testing locations.

The eXact iDip®app comes with 4 tests pre installed including pH, Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine (Chloramines) and Total Alkalinity. Over 35 additional parameters are available for in-app purchase, so you can tailor the eXact iDip® Smart Photometer System® to suit your needs at a fraction of the cost of competing photometers. It’s like having a labo-ratory in the palm of your hand.

Custom Koi Kit contains; Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Total Alkalinity, Total Chlorine and pH. Please note that Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate must be purchased separately in the App Store, as a one off purchase.

Compatible with Apple and Android



The exciting eXact iDip® Smart Photometer System ® harnesses the power of smart devices . The smart phone app is designed to work seamlessly with the waterproofed handheld unit, with parameter information, data storage and GPS tracking included.


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