Aqua Balance Enzyme


What are ENZYMES?

ENZYMEs are biological catalysts that speed up chemical reactions in cells. They perform a number of functions and are vital for life and efficient functioning of the body, including metabolism, digestion and the immune system.

Aqua Balance ENZYME is a complex cocktail of enzymes that are absorbed by the koi via the mucous membranes, replenishing the missing enzymes.

What does Aqua Balance ENZYME do? 

Each Sphere can help to convert nutrients into energy, strengthen the immune system, and aid digestion . It can repair enzymes in the digestive system, enabling efficient processing of vitamins and minerals. Poor water quality, medications, stress, infections and genetics can all lead to enzyme damage. Aqua Balance ENZYME can repair and restore the missing enzymes for a healthier koi!

When and How to use Aqua Balance ENZYME 

Empty the contents of the tub directly into the pond. One tub treats 4,400 gallons. Repeat dose every 4-8 weeks.

Use after adding medication, increased feeding, adding new koi, rainfall, or any stressful situation.

Aqua Balance ENZYME is a completely natural product and contains no chemicals.

Do not swallow. Wash hands after use. UVC can be left on.



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