Takazumi Yugen Koi Food 2.5kg

Takazumi Yugen Koi Food 2.5kg

SKU: FT380

The ultimate immune boosting food


Takazumi Yugen is a complete Koi food with additional bacterial immunomodulator having a matchless effect on the Koi’s immune system. In young and growing as well as in mature Koi, feeding Yugen will result in a well-developed and optimally functioning immune system in a very short space of time. This results in outstanding growth, spectacular colouring and most of all in a strong improvement of the natural resistance. Feed Yugen instead of the ordinary feed 4 times a year for 5 consecutive days, with intervals of at least 2 months and certainly shortly before and shortly after the Winter period. Yugen represents subtlety with profound depth. Yugen is an application that originates from the lifelong search of Professor John and Mrs Cynthia Stanford for methods to reinforce the human and animal immune system. Yugen is co-produced by BioEos (GB) and Takazumi (NL).

Composition: Fish meal, fish and vegetable oils, cereals, wheat germ, amino acids and immunomodulator bio protein 00635 (Fefac feed materials register)


Analytical Constituents: Carbohydrates = 41.0%, Crude Protein = 35.0%, Crude Oils and Fats = 7.0%, Crude Ash = 6.0%, Fibre = 2.5%, Phosphorus = 0.9%

Vitamins: Vitamin A = 750 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 = 110 IU/kg, Vitamin C (stabilised) = 450 mg/kg, Vitamin E = 275 mg/kg, Copper Sulphate = 5 mg/kg, Astaxanthine = 10 mg/kg


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