JPD Shori (Medium or Large Pellet)

JPD Shori (Medium or Large Pellet)

Now available as Medium 4mm Pellet or Large 7mm Pellet

For the Summer months Shori Koi Food should be the number one choice. The highest protein level in the range of 45% made up of high quality white fish meal, krill and shrimp. It is enriched with Vitamin C and E, which promotes spectacular white skin and excellent body conformation. The specially formulated probiotics help to reduce waste, and improve the intestinal tract of the koi, allowing the koi to maximise the protein uptake.

Shori is a very very good growth food, it is also a fantastic colour enhancer. It contains 16.00 mg/kg of Astaxanthin which makes the colours on the koi bold and vibrant. This is very important when growing koi as colour can often suffer as the skin and scales stretch. The colour enhancer maintains colour while growing.


Analysis: Protein 45.0% / Fat 8.0% / Fiber 2.5% / Ash 8.5% / Phosphate 1.0% / Calcium 1.5% / Sodium 0.4% / Astaxanthin 16.0 mg/kg / Vitamin A 25,000 IU/mg / D3 2,800 IU/mg / Vitamin E 200 mg/kg / Vitamin C 300 mg/kg


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